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Thinking Daisy Jewellery

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ThinkingDaisy是由專業設計師Daisy Chan創立的時尚珠寶品牌, 於2018年成立, 兼具匠心工藝與獨特時尚表達。品牌名字源於”Think out of the box.”,亦是品牌的中心理念。在這個速食文化興起的年代, 我們認為珠寶除了能為打扮起點睛作用外, 亦應該是一種永恆的流傳, 簡潔的設計加上嚴格的工藝控制, 希望將這種美能帶到更多不同的人身上。

我們專注於純銀首飾- 每個系列都蘊含著對美的追求, 珠寶不再只是短暫的時尚, 而是傳遞情感與共鳴的載體, 同時亦用設計向大家展示了一種生活態度 ---突破固有框框, 去活出不一樣的自己。

Thinking Daisy Jewellery is a fashion jewellery brand founded by professional designer Daisy Chan in 2018, which boasts of both craftsmanship and unique fashion expression. The name of the brand is derived from the phrase "Think Out of The Box", and this concept has remained as the central idea of the brand. In this era of fast fashion culture, we believe that jewellery, in addition to being the starting point for fashion, should also exist as a timeless spread; the simple designs of our jewellery, coupled with strict process control, hope to bring this idea of beauty to a wider audience.

We focus on sterling silver jewellery- each series contains the pursuit of beauty, showcasing our belief that jewellery is no longer only a short-lived fashion, but the design also shows presents a new way to live life, expressing the transmission of emotion and resonance of the carrier--- breaking through the inherent box, to live a different self.


我們認為每個人都是獨特的, 有著不同的個性和氣質, 我們期望能透過獨創的首飾幫助每位女性打造獨一無二的自我風格。 我們關注每一位顧客,提供質量頂級、設計時尚、匠心鑲製的精緻首飾。致力提供貼心的購物體驗,以嚴謹的品質監控、 親切的顧客服務,為女士們提供最合適的飾物。

We believe that everyone is unique, has a different personality and temperament, and we look forward to helping every woman create a unique style of self through original jewellery. We focus on every customer, providing fine jewellery of top quality, stylish design and ingenuity. Committed to providing an intimate shopping experience, with strict quality control, cordial customer service, to provide ladies with the most appropriate accessories.


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B15-5, 2/F, Block B, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 489-491, Castle Peak Road, Kowloon.
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