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Australian Education Asscociation

Australian Education Association (AEA) holds over 20 years of experience in Australian Further Education Services, additionally providing a straightforward action plan for Hong Kong students who wish to study overseas in Australia at no cost. The company has QEAC Certification Exam Education Consultants with qualifications from ProfesionAl International Education Resources (PIER), who will provide advice in accordance with differing educational and social requirements of each student's case.

AEA not only maintains strong educational relationships with several Australian institutions, but regularly organises various seminars annually, to update parents and students on current information regarding Australian further education. The company's educational knowledge and services aims to highlight academic breakthroughs achieved under the influence and globalisation of Australian education, and to enhance the importance of educational exchanges with other countries (i.e. UK, Canada)


AEA provides the following services:

代表各大院校於香港收生- Represented major institutions in hong Kong

針對學生的不同需要及教育程度而提供專業的升學意見- Provide professional advice on the different needs and educational level of students

代辦入學申請手續包括網上申請- The application procedure for the agency's admission includes an online application

協助辦理學生簽證- Assists in the processing of student visas

定期舉辦院校面試及安排學校講座- Regularly hold college interviews and arrange school lectures

舉辦出發前講座,幫助學生作好準備- Hold pre-departure lectures to help prepare students


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