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OO Arts is a modern painting studio that encourages students of all artistic skill level and ages to explore their love of art- using different media and techniques, OO Arts Studio teaches classes in a FUN and COLOURFUL way that plays with the creative ideas of contemporary art trends. We want to make art accessible for our students, so that it can brighten up your life, while also teaching you about the different art cultures around the world!!

CURRENT WORKSHOP: 【流體畫 Fluidart Pouring Painting】是一種近來興起的抽象藝術,這種藝術並不需要特別的畫具和高超的藝術天份,只需要把準備好的顏料傾倒在畫板上,然後用雙手控制畫板傾斜的角度,讓顏料自由隨機流動,形成獨一無二的畫作。雖然這種藝術熱潮最近才被帶起,但從歷史上卻能追溯到1930年,一名墨西哥的壁畫家研究壁畫藝術時,誤打誤撞之下建立了流體畫的雛形,經後世不斷流傳發展之下,便成為現時的流體畫。


Fluidart Pouring Painting is a recently emerging abstract art that does not require special painting tools and great artistic progeny, but simply dumps the prepared paint on the drawing board and then controls the tilted angle of the drawing board with both hands, allowing the paint to flow freely and randomly to form a unique painting. 

Although this art trend has only recently been popularised, it can actually be traced back in art history to 1930! At the time, a Mexican muralist was studying the art of murals when they mistakenly hit the canvas during the paint formation process. Through the continuous development of later generations, this technique became the current fluid painting trend.


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